Family Planning Case Study


On June 1, 2011 Birth-Control, Client (age 16) called into the local Family Planning clinic to schedule an appointment to discuss birth control. An appointment was scheduled for June 6,

2011 at 2pm.


On June 6, Birth-Control, Client met with the Family Planning nurse for her appointment.  An assessment was completed regarding this client’s reproductive history. It was revealed that this client has a regular period since the age of 12.  The client stated that she has been sexually active since age 13 and in January 2008 she had a therapeutic abortion (TAB).  The client indicated that she has never had a PAP smear/pelvic exam completed.  The client also indicated that she has never used a form of birth control, including condoms.


This client was educated regarding family planning methods available, the importance of PAP/

pelvic exams and risk/prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


This Family Planning Nurse made an appointment for the clinic physician to complete a PAP/ pelvic exam on June 7 at 10am at the local clinic.  The Family Planning Nurse made another follow up appointment with family planning for June 20 at 1pm to review the results of the PAP/pelvic exam and to dispense birth control.


On June 20, 2011 the client returned to the Family Planning Clinic.  The nurse reviewed the results of the PAP/pelvic exam with the client indicating that the results were within normal limits.  The client indicated that she would like to use Depo-Provera as her form of birth control.  The nurse educated the client again, regarding use of Depo-Provera along with its side effects.  The nurse administered an IM injection of Depo-Provera in the left deltoid.  The nurse made a follow-up appointment for 3 months later for the client to receive her next dose of birth control.  The nurse also gave this client condoms and educated her that she would still need to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections.